Cracked Heels: Unstoppable Grandma’s Cure

Struggling with dry, cracked heels can be both uncomfortable and unsightly. The skin on our feet, particularly on the heels, is prone to becoming dry and rough, and without adequate moisture, it can lead to painful cracks. The good news is, there’s a simple, lemon-based home remedy to help make your heels softer and less cracked!

Lemony Remedy for Softening Cracked Heels


1 large, ripe lemon (choose one that’s very yellow and not too firm)
A pair of socks
A deeply nourishing oil or cream, such as coconut or argan oil

Prepare the Lemon: Cut the lemon in half and squeeze out some juice, but leave a bit of pulp inside for the remedy. You can use the extracted juice for other purposes.

Apply to Heels: Place each lemon half over your heels. Secure them by putting on a pair of socks.

Relaxation Time: Leave the lemons on your heels for about 30 minutes. Try to stay off your feet during this time to relax and let the lemon work its magic.

Remove and Notice the Difference: After 30 minutes, take off the socks and lemons. You’ll notice your feet feel softer and smell pleasantly of lemon.

Moisturize: Finally, apply a nourishing oil or cream to your feet to lock in the moisture.

Understanding the Causes of Cracked Heels:

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