How do you clean and shine a tile?

Looking to restore the lustre to your grimy tiles? Want them to gleam like they did when first installed? There’s no need to break the bank on specialized cleaning agents. Let’s dive into some age-old wisdom passed down from my grandmother, who knew a thing or two about making tiles shine.

1. Linseed Oil for Dull Tiles:

Terracotta, cement, and ceramic tiles can lose their sheen over time. Linseed oil is a time-tested remedy to renew their shine. Just remember, a little goes a long way. Dab a few drops on a clean cloth and gently rub the tiles. Ensure it’s absorbed properly and doesn’t leave the floor too slippery.

2. Potato Water Magic:
Next time you boil potatoes, think twice before pouring the water down the drain. The starch content can help in absorbing grease on the tiles. Using this cleaning method once a month can keep your tiles sparkling.

3. The Versatility of Black Soap:

A favorite among DIY cleaning enthusiasts, black soap works wonders due to its degreasing and disinfecting properties. Perfect for tiles, linoleum, and even wooden floors. Mix it with water and watch as it not only cleans but adds a touch of shine to your flooring. Just swab the floor with this mix and see the transformation.

4. Trusty White Vinegar:

White vinegar is a popular choice for shining tiles. You can either add it to your regular mopping water or use it post-cleaning. Just mix it with hot water and mop away. For an added punch, sprinkle some baking soda into the mix.

5. The Lemon Polish:

After cleaning, give your tiles a lemony fresh polish. Soak a mop in lemon juice and let it work its magic for an hour. Not only will your tiles glisten, but they’ll also have a fresh, citrus scent. For tile countertops, a chamois cloth can add a finishing touch.
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