I swear, this is the only Christmas pie I’ll eat!

Savor the essence of the holidays with our exquisite Creamy Eggnog Pie, a dessert that masterfully blends the cherished flavors of eggnog into a sumptuous, custard-like treat. Eggnog, with its rich history dating back to medieval Europe, has become a staple of festive celebrations, especially in the United States. We’ve transformed this classic holiday beverage into an irresistible pie, offering a delightful twist that’s sure to enchant your guests and tantalize your taste buds.

What’s even more appealing about this recipe? It requires no baking at all!

This Creamy Eggnog Pie, served chilled, allows the flavors to meld into a perfect symphony of taste. Accompany it with a generous dollop of whipped cream for a smooth, luxurious finish. Enhance its festive charm by sprinkling a bit of ground nutmeg or cinnamon on top, adding an aromatic allure. Paired with a hot cup of coffee or spiced tea, this pie creates an unforgettable holiday dessert experience. It’s the perfect showstopper for your holiday feast or a cozy gathering with loved ones.

Creamy Eggnog Pie Recipe:

1 9-inch prepared pie crust

3.4 ounces of vanilla instant pudding mix

2 cups of whipped topping, thawed

1.5 cups of eggnog

A pinch of nutmeg or cinnamon


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