Pouring vinegar over orange zest solves one of the biggest household problems

Making our own homemade orange peel cleaner is a great way to save money and use up waste, especially when combined with white vinegar . It becomes an incredible and ecological formula, very powerful for cleaning the home.

We well know that orange peels eliminate bad odors and their cleaning power is multiplied tenfold with white vinegar , as the great ally of the home.

Let’s go straight to the recipe to prepare this powerful cleaning formula:

White vinegar and orange zest cleaning recipe

To prepare this homemade cleaner you need the following:

We will need:

4 cups of white vinegar

w/orange peels

1 glass jar

1 Spray bottle

Essential oil of your choice (eucalyptus, mint, lavender, rosemary, etc.)

Procedure, step by step:
First, we place the orange peels into small pieces and place them in a jar.
Then, we take it directly to the refrigerator and keep it there until we fill the jar well.
We can also add a few drops of essential oil and close the bottle.
When we finally fill the jar, we remove it from the refrigerator and pour in the white vinegar.
We will keep it for two weeks, when we open the jar, we filter the orange peels and transfer the contents to an airtight container.
Now we have everything ready, we just have to pour an equal part of water and the same part of orange citrus vinegar into a glass spray bottle.
We now have our vinegar cleaner with orange peel ready to use wherever it is needed!
Where to use this powerful cleaner?
1- To scrub the floors:
Just diluting 1/4 cup of the vinegar cleaner in 1 liter of water will be enough to clean the floors. If we deal with difficult stains, we can add more cleaner.

To finish, wipe with a fiber cloth to dry well and observe the results. Just be careful with wooden or marble floors because the acetic acid contained in vinegar could degrade that protective film.

2- Remove the carpets with the cleaner:
This homemade cleaner can help us a lot in cleaning carpets, how many times has it happened to us that we drop wine or food remains, precisely with this formula we can work miracles.

We just spray it on the carpet in the stained area and let the solution penetrate well and do its thing, about 10 minutes. Afterwards, with the help of a sponge we rub or scrub the stain and we can repeat it as many times as necessary.

To finish, with a damp cloth with warm water we rub and remove all the dirt.

3- To clean stainless steel kitchen surfaces:
We proceed to spray a little with the cleaner on the steel surfaces and remove everything with a cloth soaked in warm water, to finish we can dry it with a dry cloth.

Let’s remember, avoid the cleaner on marble, quartz or granite, as it can alter the sealant due to the acidity of the vinegar.
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