Power strip: 9 devices that should never be plugged in (you risk a fire).

Plugging electrical appliances into power strips is super practical and economical. But did you know that this can carry certain risks?

In fact, plugging in very energy-consuming devices or overloading the power strip can cause real failures. It can damage household appliances, cause power outages, but also cause fires! How can I say that?
Well quite simply because it happened to me. I can tell you that since then, I have been extremely careful about what I do… Discover 9 devices to never plug into a power strip.

First, look at the maximum power of the power strip

Before giving you the list of electrical devices not to plug in, you need to know one thing. On all power strips, the maximum power they can support is indicated on the power cable.

So the first thing to do before plugging in your electrical devices is to look at this information. Then, it’s very simple. You must add the power of each device that is plugged into the power strip.

How do I know what the power of this or that device is, will you tell me?

Well, as with the power strip, this information is written on each electrical device. I’ll give you a concrete example. Imagine that your power strip tolerates a maximum power of 3500 W. If you plug in your oven which consumes 2500 W at the same time. Your vacuum cleaner which consumes 800 W and your kettle which consumes 250 W. You exceed 3500 W (2500 + 800 + 250) = 3550 W. There is only one solution in this specific case.

Unplug one of the electrical devices from the power strip to return below its maximum power threshold. Otherwise, it can be very dangerous. Now let’s look at all the devices that should not be plugged into a power strip.
undoubtedly one of the most energy-intensive household appliances. Even if you don’t use it regularly, you absolutely should not plug it into a power strip!

1. The oven

It is better to provide an individual wall outlet to avoid the risk of dangerous overheating.

2. The refrigerator

So I know what you’re going to tell me. The refrigerator is not the household appliance that consumes the most of all household appliances. Since it doesn’t consume too much energy, we say to ourselves that it’s good.

It can be plugged into an extension cord without any problem. Well no ! Let’s not forget that a refrigerator is electrical voltage sent 24 hours a day to the power strip. So, plug this type of device into an extension cord, you forget. And then I’m talking about refrigerators, but this also concerns freezers.

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